TEC: Chapter 18: Shane and the Same

Happy post-Easter, everyone!  And you all know what that means: the chocolate crosses go on clearance!


It strikes me as odd (though hilarious) for an atheist to eat a chocolate cross, but when you think about it, isn’t it odder (and more hilarious) for a Christian to eat a chocolate cross?


Anyway, Zombie Jesus Day yummies aside, Shane is heading back to the Seven yet again.  Shane’s driver, Eugene, makes it to Shane’s private jet just in time, reflecting that Shane only allows an employee one small mistake before firing him.  Which seems a rather impulsively stupid way to run a business, but…

Whoa.  Deja vu.

Oh well.  At least this time, the employee doesn’t plug the Left Behind series.

This chapter tells us exactly nothing we don’t already know: the Seven are spooky and have a spooky, tongue-free driver.  And they give essentially the same scolding to Shane that they just gave to Talon in Chapter 10.  (The writing here is so lazy: Shane thinks of himself being “in the hot seat” twice in one page.)  The Seven whine to Shane about Talon not being able to kill both Murphy and Anderson, which seems an odd thing to complain to Shane about, since killing Murphy is certainly not his responsibility.  And Shane tells them what they already know, which is that he has both Stephanie and Paul keeping tabs on Murphy’s classes.  (“Yeah, he made some PowerPoint slides about the Bible and tried to convert the whole class.  Riveting.”)

In a goofy twist (though I doubt it was meant that way), Shane whines internally about flying all the way to Switzerland for a ten-minute conversation that could be had on the phone.  So, in a way, Phillips finds this chapter just as pointless as I do.

Oh, and speaking of riveting PowerPoints, next up: another class of Murphy’s!  Yep, he does still occasionally teach!


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  1. If they’ve finally decided they want Murphy dead, how hard can it be? He’s got no guards, and they know where he works and lives.

    Luckily for Murphy, it doesn’t take much prep-work to teach a class if you ignore the syllabus and just regurgitate your pastor’s sermons.

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