TEC: Chapter 19: The Europa Class

In between not-saving octogenarians and not-dating model-like women, Murphy remembers that he also has to not-teach archeology.

For the third class in a row, Stephanie Kovacs is there.  Murphy acts like this is a once-a-week, or, at most, twice-a-week class (I’m guessing Tuesday and Thursday, so he has an extra-long weekend to jaunt to both Washington and Florida.  And yes, this does seem to be Murphy’s only class.  No wonder people like LaHaye think academics do nothing all day—Murphy doesn’t!

Neither, for that matter, does Stephanie.  Despite the fact that she’s the boss’s main squeeze, doesn’t she still have to do real work, too?  She’s been here for going on two weeks at the very least.

And he is still blathering on about Babylon, including some of its more famous leaders.  By my watch (yep, I timed myself again!) he talks for only 45 seconds (and I was speaking if a normal, if slow pace), before there was “a glassy stare as the class began to swim in historical details.”

Okay, Murphy has been talking for 45 seconds and mentioned but two dates.  So either he really is the worst lecturer in history, or he was way underestimating the party-school-ness of Preston University.  So he tries to perk them up by mentioning Saddam Hussein’s rebuilding plans, then heads into a discussion of the Book of Revelation and Babylon.  All this is to backtrack in history* to the common RTC idea that Europe sucks and the AntiChrist will be from Europe.  (Hilariously, LaHaye has publicly proclaimed that President Obama is not the AntiChrist, since he is American.  Which I guess is reassuring in a way, since he didn’t say that he’s not the AntiChrist, since he’s Kenyan.)

Murphy tosses out several RTC buzzwords, like diversity and tolerance.  Sure, these might sound like positive things to us silly unsaved folks, but Murphy knows the real truth: that striving towards diversity and tolerance is just a cover for EEEEEVIL!!!

“Another reason [to rebuild Babylon again] would be to help rebuild Iraq in such a way as to placate and ease the tensions in the Arab world.  The hope might be to take on a more tolerant view of the various radical groups in the Muslim cultures.”

Possibility for future critique: LaHaye’s own manifesto against tolerance and diversity.

Murphy then gives the Wikipedia distillation of the European Union, complete with the story of Europa and Zeus.

And on that relatively anticlimactic note, Murphy assigns some reading for the next class.  This elicits groans from everybody because the idea of doing some reading for college is apparently just incredible to these kids.  The kicker is that the reading assignment is Chapter 2 of Daniel.

As you can see, such a lengthy reading is daunting indeed.


*As to the historical timeline, LaHaye is a premillennialist.  As such, he is strongly against the idea that the Rapture has already happened.  So much so that he took very personal offense at Tyndale House’s (the publishers of the Left Behind series) decision to publish a preterist work.  Tyndale’s response?  That they want to represent “a diversity of viewpoints.”



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  1. Hmmm. Is Murphy the worst lecturer alive or is his class particularly moronic? Given what we’ve seen of the class previously, there do seem to be a few morons in the hall but I’d have to conclude that yes, Murphy just sucks that much as a lecturer. I would also add that by this point in the semester most of his students would have already realized this class is a waste of time and got to the daydreaming and doodling* as soon as they sat down. Provided they even showed up in the first place.

    I’d also agree that Murphy teaches one class and that it’s a T-Th setup. Maybe that’s another reason why the dean hates him: because he only bothers to teach one class before swanning off on weekend adventures where he risks his life in a most manly and idiotic way, and yet still apparently makes enough income to have a comfortable life AND quite possibly has tenure. (As a former adjunct instructor I say to this: aha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha.)

    LaHaye’s histrionics towards Tyndale publishing a book whose beliefs he doesn’t support is genuinely amusing. I particularly liked the bit where he rants that Tyndale is using the money that HE made for them to publish stuff he doesn’tt approve of. Last time I checked, LaHaye, you did not own Tyndale and they are under no obligation to clear their publishing choices with you.

    * These books were set before the age of smart phones, right? Because otherwise the only sound from the students would be texting and text alerts.

    • inquisitiveraven

      You can turn off the audible alerts. OTOH, if they were busy texting, they wouldn’t have the glassy stare. They wouldn’t be watching the front of the classroom either, so I suppose that’s a tell.

  2. I’ve had lecturers who could put the theatre to sleep in less than a minute. It was nothing to do with subject matter, though; they just had deathly dull voices.

    Someone at Tyndale House should have said “we have room for both sorts of Christian here – premillennialists and postmillennialists!”

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