TEC: Chapter 24: Daniel Redux

So in the middle of the action of chasing Arab #1, we cut to another Daniel section.  Elderly Daniel is still in the lions den, and now, instead of flashing back to his eunucizing days (Oh, great), he flashes back to King Neb’s dream and his subsequent madness.

This is actually ground that was already broken by Greg Dinallo, so it’s kinda odd that we’re going over it again, but hey, it takes up a few pages, right?

And there’s not much to report that you can’t get by reading Daniel Chapter 4.  Back in the lions den, Daniel prays that God will keep him humble, unlike King Neb, whom God made insane, just because he felt like it.

Honestly, is there any wonder that there are people in this world who think that illness, mental or otherwise, is a punishment from God?  Because the Bible says so!

Man, that is so sad to think about.  I’m getting us back to chasing Arabs tomorrow, I am!


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  1. These Daniel chapters are just pointless padding, aren’t they? Does Lahaye demand that his writers make each book a set length of pages or chapters or something, even if they could tell a far better story with less? The Daniel chapters plus the blatant Wikipedia quoting makes me wonder why there’s so much padding.

    • A book contract usually has a specified word count so that the book can fit into print and shipping schedules. Some authors are notorious for overshooting them. Very few come up short.

  2. These scenes are pointless enough already, but now they’re getting dropping into the middle of a chase scene? A five year old’s school report has a better sense of pacing.

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