TEC: Chapter 25: More Arabs

Whew, boy.  It sure is nice to get a break from Daniel, so we can waste some time watching Murphy do things he has no training or expertise for.

Now, granted, Murphy was in the Army.  But that was during the Gulf War, so by the story’s timeline (2005), that was almost 15 years ago.  And Levi is a current Mossad agent.

Again, I think LaHaye and Phillips have lost faith (har!) in the excitement of their own story.

To the action: Levi and Murphy chase Arab #1 up the fire escape, and a point is made of Levi being winded by the time he gets to the top.  I thought Levi was this gym rat karate-do master, so what gives?  Abrams hears Arab #1, and blindly fires, missing because he is an idiot like that.

Murphy hasn’t even begun his ascent, but hears the shots:

Maybe there were more Arabs!

Yeah, Murphy has nothing against Arabs.  He just thinks they’re all evil supervillains who hang out on random Bronx roofs in the middle of the night, in case one of their comrades runs away from righteous do-gooders who just happen to show up.

Hilariously, by the time Murphy gets to the roof, Arab #1 has Levi standing there with his hands raised.  Good work, Mossad agent!  Murphy distracts him, and Arab #1 still manages to flip Levi onto his back in the ensuing mayhem.

Damn, but this chapter is really committed to showing us how much awesomer Murphy is than Levi, isn’t it?

Arab #1 makes a break for it and tries to jump to the next rooftop, but doesn’t make it and falls the eight stories.  Hilariously and bizarrely, this makes both Levi and Murphy think that something must have happened to Jacob, down in the apartment, so they head back down, and turns out that Arab #2, the one Murphy punched out, also regained consciousness, and because he also wasn’t restrained in any way, he just peaced out.

Yup, these are crack agents for sure.  Like a well-oiled machine.  And is it just me, or did the crack team of Matthew, Jacob, Levi, and Murphy just fail pretty spectacularly?  Matthew is dead, Jacob is wounded, Levi got his ass kicked.  And Arab #1 is dead, but Arab #2 got away.  And all Team Mossad has to show for it is the word “Presidio,” and they only know what that means because Murphy read Phillips’ outline and Wikipedia bookmark.

But Murphy apparently sees things differently:

“I’m just glad I was here to help.  When I know terrorists are planning to do something to the country I love, how can I stand around and do nothing?”

Okay, now I’m sure they’re watching Team America and don’t get that it’s satire.


Oh, and all that taken care of, they head out into the alley to search the dead body of Arab #1.  They don’t find much, probably because they suck, except Arab #1 has a tattoo, a crescent moon with a star.  Levi thinks it’s an homage to “the flags of many Muslim countries,” but Murphy shows him (once again!) how wrong he is:

“No.  This is different.  Look closely, Levi.  In all Muslim symbols, the points of the crescent moon point to the right or up, with a five-pointed star or several stars.  This crescent moon is pointing down to a star with six points made up of two triangles, similar to the Star of David.  And look at the points of the crescent.  Three small lines are coming off each point.”

Yeah, that’s right.  Lily-white Irish-American RTC Michael Murphy just schooled Israeli Jew Levi Abrams on what a Star of David looks like.  That is a thing that just happened.

And to top it all off, Murphy then notes that the small lines coming off the crescent look like talons…which is course means that lone master assassin Talon is running a gang of Arab terrorists.

Because that makes all kinds of sense.

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  1. Gods, these guys have checked out even harder on their own plot than I have.

  2. I’m not up on American law, but surely there’s something in there about aiding criminals? I mean, sure, Murphy’s old friend says he needs to shoot all these people to “stop terrorism”, but a smart terrorist would say that too.

  3. That deduction of Talon’s involvement sounds familiar somehow…

    Commissioner Gordon: It could be any one of them… But which one? Which ones?
    Batman: Pretty *fishy* what happened to me on that ladder…
    Commissioner Gordon: You mean where there’s a fish there could be a Penguin?
    Robin: But wait! It happened at sea… Sea. C for Catwoman!
    Batman: Yet, an exploding shark *was* pulling my leg…
    Commissioner Gordon: The Joker!
    Chief O’Hara: All adds up to a sinister riddle… Riddle-R. Riddler!

    Also, why the fuck would muslim terrorist (remember, they were talking about the whole infidel-killing, so they mean it) deface their own bodies with a star of david and a defaced islamic crecent, just to show their allegiance to an infidel?

  4. “I’m just glad I was here to help. When I know terrorists are planning to do something to the country I love, how can I stand around and do nothing?”

    Honestly I think this song is a better fit than the speech:

    Murph’s just chipping in his buck-oh-five.

  5. Maybe they are secretly bird people, half falcon, half man– and developed by an evil scientist harnessing the powers of GMOs *and* embryonic cell research.

  6. Murphy sees lines, and he thinks they look like talons? Most animal talons tend to be at least somewhat curved, to help animals hold onto things. (OK, admittedly I’m assuming a bit in thinking that these are straight lines since you don’t specify, but generally if something isn’t straight you don’t call it a line, or otherwise make note of it.) Apparently Phillips and LaHaye can’t be bothered to do any more research on ornithology than on modern Islamic religion.

  7. An extensive sixty seconds of research reveals that tattoos are forbidden in Islam.
    Not that facts matter in these books.

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