TEC: Chapter 26: Womany Worries

Trying to sleep in his New York hotel room, Murphy plays over the events of the evening in his mind.  Which is all well and good, except for this little bit:

He could feel his fist strike the Arab in the temple.

Man, that really hurt, he thought, grimacing as he flexed his knuckles.

Okay, let me just preface this by saying that I don’t like the idea that people shouldn’t complain about things, because somebody else always has it worse.  I despise Oppression Olympics.


This is the second time in twelve chapters that Murphy has whined in his head about something quite minor, following somebody else experiencing something quite serious.

Remember when Murphy whined about standing in a security line at the airport?  Okay, been there, done that, I get it.  But this was the chapter following the tale of Daniel and his friends having their families murdered and their city burnt, being taken as slaves and eunichized.

And now, Murphy is whining about sore knuckles, following  a chapter in which one of his newfound friends was knifed and killed, and another was shot.

So, just sayin’, maybe Murphy should get just a bit of perspective here.


Before going to breakfast with Isis the next morning, Murphy decides not to tell her anything about the terrorist-fighting of the night before.

He would wait for a more appropriate time.  They had a lot to do today, and he didn’t want her to worry.

Yeah wouldn’t want the little woman to have to think about more than one thing at a time.  Might mess with her ladybrains.

Murphy and Isis go to the bank and get Dr. Anderson’s papers…thanks to Dr.Anderson himself, who so completely trusted Murphy mere minutes after meeting him.

Then they go right across the street to a library.  I assume it’s the New York Public Library, but it’s not explicitly stated.  They find a table to themselves on the third floor, after passing a librarian who is, of course, “dowdy” and “chubby.”

Well, I guess not every woman can be a supermodel fresh off the runway.

Murphy and Isis will get into the details (into a lot of the details) of the files in a bit, but for now, just know that this is apparently the Conspiracy of the New World Order and Evil Wimmins and Gypsies: the files have such enlightening names as “Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky–The Theosophical Society” (check out her Wiki page, because I’m sure it’ll be important!), “Annie Besant–Lucifer Magazine,” and “Friends of the New World Order.”

Oh, and Isis has a feeling that something is wrong and they’re being watched.  Being a wimmins, though, she quite naturally dismisses her own feelings internally, before even giving Michael a chance to do it himself:

That’s silly, she told herself.  Don’t mess up the excitement of Michael’s find with women’s intuition.

I’m not sure it’s accurate to describe the files as a “find” of Michael’s.  It was a gift from a an elderly gentleman who may or may not have had Alzheimers, and Michael was directed to the guy by his pastor.  So Michael didn’t really find jack shit.

A sad and troubling chapter is coming up.  Enjoy Lucifer Magazine while you can.



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  1. ” He could feel his fist strike the Arab in the temple.

    Man, that really hurt, he thought, grimacing as he flexed his knuckles.”

    See, I’ve always thought Camus could have done with a stricter editor. Here’s how you make The Outsider family friendly AND cut out all that useless padding.

  2. Cripes. Theosophy as an element of your Big Bad like this? Really? Okay, I mean, I know they were part of the overall movement and trends that arguably birthed the modern conspiracy theory which feeds these idiots’ persecution complex, but still. This is just embarrassing.

  3. But perspective is exactly what Murphy does have: from where he’s standing, Murphy is significantly bigger than anything else in the universe.

    Sometimes a man’s just got to go out and do things with other men, and a woman wouldn’t understand.

    Nerrin: I’m with you, but we’re different from these guys in that we actually know something about the history of Theosophy. Of course, this sort of thinking means that anyone who wanted to make things better by changing the strict authoritarian structure of the world is One Of Them. Hmm, who was that guy who talked about how it would be a good idea to be nicer to the poor? …but does this mean that They have got to the Bibles, and put in all that niceness stuff instead of the original text with the eye lasers?

    Or maybe it’s just that they feel cooler by pitting themselves against an ancient Satanic conspiracy.

  4. He could feel his fist strike the Arab in the temple.
    Man, that really hurt, he thought, grimacing as he flexed his knuckles.

    Can you imagine James Bond knocking a villain into something deadly, and then instead of his usual pun relating to the death saying “Man, that really hurt”?

    check out her Wiki page, because I’m sure it’ll be important!
    Why bother, the book will regurgitate the page anyway.

    That’s silly, she told herself. Don’t mess up the excitement of Michael’s find with women’s intuition.
    *GAG* I didn’t find Isis to be extremely Stephordized last book until the last chapter, but this… this is attrocious. The worst part is that it’s probably supposed to make Isis look good.
    “See, she’s patronizing herself, ridiculing her female intuition, and feels her man’s desires and excitement are too important to interupt with what she’s noticed. Isn’t that great of her? Most women need to have to be marriage counciled by her pastor several times before they get so properly submissive, but not Isis. Even before her marriage she understands she must never interupt a man with her silly little thoughts. I mean, sure, she’s probably right that they’re being watched, and shadowy conspiracies have been trying to kill the two of them whenever Murphy gets within a hundred yards of her, and Murphy has failed to tell him about the new dangerous enemies he made yesterday. But she still keeps her place in mind. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have another wank thinking of my submissive supermodel character.”

  5. That’s silly, she told herself. Don’t mess up the excitement of Michael’s find with women’s intuition. . . . Wait, what? Why did I just think that? It’s my find just as much as it is Murphy’s. And it’s not silly or ‘women’s intuition’ to feel that someone’s watching you; it’s a survival instinct humans have evol–

    That humans have and have always had since God endowed us with such traits. a thundering voice interrupted her. That would have been frightening enough, but what made it worse was that it was her own voice that she heard reverberating in her head.

    Isis stood perfectly still, peripherally aware of Murphy nattering on about the files. She closed her eyes to concentrate better. Who are you? What do you want?

    I am who I am, Isis Proserpina McDonald. I am your Creator. The author of your very being, if you will. As for what I want, we both know you are intelligent enough to figure that out.

    Isis considered these words, and the words that had flashed through her mind just a couple minutes prior. You . . . want me to be a ridiculous, stereotypical “Girl Friday” for Murphy?

    Not quite, my child. You will be his wife and helpmeet, a godly, God-fearing Christian woman who knows her place is at her husband’s side and nowhere else.

    You’re insane. That’s not who I am! Maybe, just maybe, there was a chance to convince this monster to let her go.

    Not who you were initially, this is true. But it is who you will become, who are you are becoming even now.

    No. No! I won’t let you do this to me!

    My dear Isis, you have no choice in the matter. But if you doubt me, then try to tell Michael your suspicions.

    Starting to tremble, Isis opened her eyes and tried to make her mouth move to form the words. Nothing. It was as though the muscles of her face refused to respond. Even her tongue stayed firmly in place.

    You see? purred the voice in her head while waves of terror and horror swept over her. You are my creation. You do what I allow you to do, speak what I allow you to speak, think what I allow you to think. But believe me when I tell you that I do this out of love for you, as my child, because I know what is best for you. Believe me, Isis.

    Isis felt her will slip away. Obediently, mindlessly, she believed.

  6. floop the pig

    I read conspiracy websites when I can’t sleep, and *tons* of it mentions Blavatasky. When I read the abridged “Isis Unveiled” (you know who else wants to unveil Isis? nudge nudge wink wink) alls I saw was pre-The Secret and other new age stuff, not the means for world control and conquest. Must be that it’s in the unabridged book. Or code! Secret Eeevil Code.

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