TEC: Chapter 34: Heroic…for a Girl

Well, now that Paul is free of the horrific Shari, we can resume our intriguing espionage action, right?

Back in the library, Isis has emerged from the potty and is now looking for Blavatsky’s book.  Almost against his will, it would seem, Phillips gets inside Isis’s head for a moment, sharing her moment of discovery and excitement upon reading a new book.  For a moment, he seems to forget that she’s just Murphy’s Like a Supermodel arm candy.

Pausing for a moment to savor her surroundings, she spots Talon and the Moar Arab he is with as they get into the elevator.  But they don’t see her.  Isis also sees two random men ascending the stairs (why, if there are four men, doesn’t Talon leave at least one of them to keep an eye on the door?).

They too looked like Arabs.

Based solely on this “fact,” Isis assumes the two men are evil and with Talon, because we all know how those Moar Arabs are.

Please note that Phillips didn’t even have to do this.  Because literally ten seconds after she spots them, she hears them talking, and of course understands them, and confirms they’re with Talon.  But once again, we all know how those Moar Arabs are.  Isis was only being logical racist.

And now she needs to get a message to Murphy before the Moar Arabs see him back at their table…

So remember back in Babylon Rising, how Isis saved the day when that little girl was kidnapped and was going to be sacrificed?  Despite BR being a silly RTC novel, Greg Dinallo managed to do something pretty much perfect with Isis.  It showed her saving the day by using her special skill set that Murphy didn’t share.  In one brief moment, she showed that she wasn’t “just” the intellectual spinster, but was brave and imaginative and resourceful…pretty much everything Murphy (and probably most RTC readers) figured she was not.

If you didn’t realize what a shitty hack job The Europa Conspiracy is, and how it has absolutely no purpose other than being the third book in a series that is meant to have four books, you might think this scene was once again setting up Isis to do hero stuff.  The bad guys are closing in, and Isis and Murphy have been separated (because she had to potty, but whatever), and Isis sees the danger before Murphy.

So, drawing on her incredible knowledge base and her genius IQ, Isis…


Get ready…


Makes a paper airplane.

She writes TALON on the blank first page of the book (though it would have been way funnier if she had written MORE ARABS), and makes a paper airplane and tosses it at Murphy.  So he grabs his notes (but none of the other papers and journals they’ve been reading), and comes over to Isis.

Wait, if he could get to her, why couldn’t she get to him?

Probably because she’s A Girl.

And, like the Girl she is, she “fell into his arms, shaking.”

Sure is a far cry from pretending to be an ancient goddess…

Oh, and by the way, I can’t help but feel that Isis might have been better prepared for this crisis had Murphy only told her that it was a possibility.

But no, it was Man Talk and not fit for her delicate, feminine, Supermodel-y ears.

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  1. Yeah, I didn’t think the Stephordization of Isis was that terrible in book 2, minus the last chapter. But it is here. From this feebleness to her agreeing with Murphy on everything, to everyone now calling her a supermodel. (Something none of the men she went camping with last book seemed to notice)

    • I ask that we have a moment of silence to remember the intellectual, pagan-pendant-wearing BAMF! Isis from Book 1 (and the beginning of Book 2.)

  2. No, no, that wasn’t Isis being logical.

    That was Isis using her Feminine Intuition.

    Totally different thing. Honest.

  3. That Other Jean

    Ugh. Just OMG, ugh.

  4. I’d forgotten how badass Isis was in the first book. This is just depressing compared to that scene.

  5. I suppose it’s worth a mention here that the better known of the two ‘authors’, Tim LaHaye, has died. (I haven’t confirmed yet, but I’ll take Fred’s word for it. http://www.patheos.com/blogs/slacktivist/2016/07/25/one-will-be-taken-and-one-will-be-left-behind/ )

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