TEC: Chapter 36: Parties Suck

Hey, everyone, remember the Babylon scenes?  I bet you forgot the writing on the wall was even part of this story.

Okay, maaaaaybe I’ve been a bit slow on the updates because of my busy summer, but STILL…this is taking forever to get to the writing.

And it has actually been twelve chapters since our last flashback, and that was to Daniel in the lions’ den, not the writing on the wall.

But now we are back in Babylon, 539 BC, and King Belshazzar is throwing a party.  Phillips makes sure we know it’s an eeeevil party, with wine and stuff.



And Belshazzar has this BITCHIN’ idea to use the gold and silver goblets in the treasury that were “taken from the temple in Jerusalem.”

And so IMMEDIATELY after the toasts with these goblet begin, the writing on the wall happens.  Which frankly just makes God seem like a big whiny baby, who’s fine with just about anything so long as people don’t touch his stuff.

Naturally, everybody freaks out, and Belshazzar’s mommy is the only one with any sense, calling for Daniel to interpret the writing.

End chapter.  That was riveting.



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  1. Don’t sweat it. Even without delays, there’s a 1 to 10 ratio in the number of pages dedicated to the biblical artifact du jour versus pages dedicated to random bullshit. Like ad nauseum references that Isis looks like a supermodel, more antichrist prepwork that LaHaye hadn’t already crammed into his Left Behind prequels, MOAR ARABS, and the grand unified conspiracy theory of everyone LaHaye hates.

    So y’know, forgetting the writing on the wall was inevitable.

  2. Oh yeah, kill my chosen people, no problem, but hands off my toys!

  3. That was it? Wow that was short.

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