TEC: Chapter 40: Death of a Librarian

This is actually a kinda pointless interlude.  It’s the conclusion of what I talked about earlier, the In the Line of Fire scene with librarian Alvena Smidt.

See, in In the Line of Fire, the villain has a scene with a young bank employee.  Unfortunately for the villain, the employee is from the same city that the villain claims to be from, and, merely from friendly small talk, catches him in a lie.  So the villain follows her home and kills both her and her roommate so he can continue with his evil plan.

Basically, the same thing happens here–Alvena Smidt has discovered that Talon is from South Africa, just like her.  So he follows her to her home and kills her.  Simple, right?  And a good way to reinforce how evil a villain is, by having him kill a complete innocent.


The villain in In the Line of Fire killed the bank worker because she discovered he was lying.  It was an evil, barbaric act, but, from the villain’s perspective, necessary.  Alvena Smidt, on the other hand, exchanged pleasantries with Talon for only a few seconds.  She didn’t learn his real name or anything about him that many people couldn’t learn by listening to him speak.  Hell, the only reason Michael Murphy didn’t know Talon is South African is that he wasn’t South African until now, and Phillips forgot that Murphy had already heard Talon speak.

Or perhaps Phillips would have it that Professor Michael Murphy, world traveller and guy who knows the histories of every Native American tribe and bridge in the United States…doesn’t know what a South African accent sounds like.

Oh, and to add insult to injury, there’s not even any guarantee that Alvena would have told anyone anything, even if there had been something to tell.  Some people came into the library, and later, some people left.  Wow, what a mystery for the police to solve–they’ll need all the witnesses they can get!

Poor Alvena.  Guess that’s what she gets for being a frumpy librarian who likes words.


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  1. Two people in New York City from South Africa? That’s damned suspicious!

    (This might make sense if they were both in Presidio, TX.)

  2. Indeed Alvena already told Murphy everything she knew, which wasn’t much… and apart from catching him in a lie, the bank teller had also just made an account or something that was part of the killer’s cover to get into the president’s party.

  3. Talon read the Evil Overlord list, but thought it was parody.

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