TEC: Chapter 55: A Little Sore

The next morning, Murphy and Co. prepare to head out with their military escort.  And it appears they decided to keep quiet about their little late-night battle, since nobody seems concerned at all.  But it’s okay, because Murphy is only “a little sore.”  As you would be after facing four armed Moar Arabs like a manly man.

Murphy once again thinks about how much he wants to kiss Isis, and about how “the only thing holding him back was their different spiritual outlooks.”  Meanwhile, Isis smiles at him, “the kind of smile that would melt any man.” Again, a far cry from the nerdy researcher with her wild hair and fisherman’s sweaters.  Now, she’s a supermodel that any and all men would want.  Because I guess our hero is just incapable of seeing inner beauty.

They head out, literally picking up Jassim on a corner, and Phillips waxes Wiki once again, this time about Buffalos and how one is going to go in front of their other vehicles to Babylon.

(Isis, silly little woman that she is, initially thinks a Buffalo is referring to a water buffalo.  Girls, right?)

The drive to Babylon gives The Bingster another opportunity to kiss up to Murphy, this time simply asking him to lecture on Tim LaHaye’s his views on Islam:

“I was thinking about Iraq and how much the Islam faith plays a part in politics and daily life of the people.  What do you think?”

“What about this talk of a jihad?  What’s all that about?”

Man, Bingbert just couldn’t wait to hear Murphy blather on and on.  Speaking of obsessing about somebody you can’t have…

And blather on Murphy does, with a combination of banal facts and Fox News talking points:

“They all believe there is no God but Allah and that Mohammed is His prophet.  They are also united when they build their mosques, which all face east, toward Mecca.”

“The problem [of terrorism] is amplified whenever Muslim leaders do not speak out against terrorist activities.  Their silence gives the impression that they may approve of them.  This doesn’t help their cause.”

Bingston shares Murphy’s deep-seated fear and suspicion of all Moar Arabs:

“When I drive by one of their mosques, I wonder what they’re doing in there.  Are they planning the overthrow of the United States?  Do they want to destroy my family?”

So, Bingbin, do you think all nonChristians should think the same thing whenever they pass a church?  Asshat.

Murphy very mildly walks him back:

“[Many Muslims] love the United States and support it, but the average Westerner doesn’t know this.  They’re not sure who they can trust.  This lack of trust creates disharmony between groups.”

Yeah, the kind of disharmony that causes a mob of white men to beat down a dark-skinned man for the crime of being dark-skinned.  But remember, they were totally right to do that.

The riveting conversation is interrupted by a bomb that the Buffalo discovers.  It’s okay, nobody’s hurt.

“It must take some special type of soldier to drive one of those Buffalos,” Murphy said.

“Water buffalos?” asked Isis.


Shut up, Stepford-Isis.

“Yes, sir.  Those are very special Marines.  They love their jobs and look forward to each day’s new adventure.  The rest of us consider them heroes.  They’re risking their lives to save ours.”

I wonder if, when these guys signed up to defend their country, they knew they would be escorting a band of RTC grave robbers across the land.


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  1. Oh hey, the novel takes it’s lips from Murphy’s ass for one second to plant them onto the marines. America, fuck yeah! (Eh, praising EOD’s is a step up from the lynch mob who happened to get the right man)

  2. “They are also united when they build their mosques, which all face east, toward Mecca.”

    East? East is towards Mecca from where, exactly? Not Iraq, that’s for sure. From there, it’d be mostly south, a little southwest, depending where in Iraq.

  3. InquisitiveRaven

    “Islam faith”? is this like Faux Noise commentators talking about the the “Democrat party”?

    Also, love how the RTCs somehow miss that “allah” is simply the Arabic word for “god” just like the French word is “dieu” and the Spanish word is “dios.” Then again, that seems to be common IRL.

    Also, I’d think there has got to be a to be a better way of explaining what Islam is than just quoting the Shahada and thinking that’s enough.

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