TEC: Chapter 56: Last Lions

I feel sick today.  I’m going through the grief stages.  So many things I thought I knew about my fellow human beings no longer apply.  I was honestly surprised not to see the zombie apocalypse and/or a global outbreak of rage monkey virus this morning when I stepped outside.

But enough about the election.

It’s time for the final Daniel chapter of this book.  Daniel’s still in the gorram lions’ den and still having more gorram flashbacks.  This time, it’s an incredibly brief one, to the night when the army invaded, and went through his stuff, but didn’t hurt him.

Riveting, I know.

Then the stone is removed from the top of the lions’ den and Darius calls down to Daniel.  Daniel responds that his god closed the lions’ mouths and that is “proof of my innocence and faithfulness to you.”

Remember that for a moment.

Darius is tickled pink by this development, so much so that after he gets Daniel out, he gives a new, very special order:

“I want you [one of my generals] to round up all of the satraps and governors Abu Bakar and Husam al Din.  Bring their wives and children with them.  The lions are hungry and need to be fed.  I want you to put in a new family every three days.  Make sure that Abu Bakar and Husam al Din are last.  I want them to have time to think about their failed attempt to kill Daniel.”

And he orders everyone to worship Daniel’s god.  Who is apparently fine with innocent women and children being eaten by lions.  Because…

The first family did not touch the floor before the lions tore them apart.

That’s nice, Darius (and God).  Just punish people for the crime of being on the losing side.

(Speaking of Donald Trump’s America…)

Yep, when God spared Daniel from the lions, it was because Daniel was innocent and loyal to the king.  Guess those dumb kids just weren’t innocent enough.

I need to lie down.


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  1. Daniel had saved up enough God Points to cast Protection from Lions. God Points, for all your supernatural needs.

    As Sinfest would put it: ANYTHING YOU WANT. $Your Soul

  2. You know, usually the characters who do this are, you know, recognized to be evil. Say, Beren and Finrod and his companions who get eaten, one by one in Sauron’s dungeon. Not cheered by the narrative.

    • LaHaye really didn’t recognize any difference between God and the Devil except power. Both are arbitrarily brutal tyrants; all that matters is to back the one who will win. If something convinced him that the Devil would win the ultimate battle, it would take him 0.005 seconds to repudiate everything he ever said about worshiping God.

      Considering how much glee he apparently feels about writing innocent people (and horses) being gruesomely butchered, I don’t think there any real ambiguity about what’s going on: his God is himself writ large, not even, as for most religious people, because he imagines a god who reflects his own values but because he lacks the imagination and the empathy to conceive of anyone who’s different. What is best in life, unambiguously, objectively, is to crush your enemies and hear the lamentations of hapless innocents who were standing too close to them; if there was any hypothetical person who didn’t see it that way, the only response LaHaye could have to them would be to not make them a viewpoint character because their viewpoint is incomprehensible.

  3. I’ve been feeling that same sort of shock and grief since I saw that Trump won early Wednesday morning. Sending Internet hugs if you need them.

    I’ve read the book of Daniel, and I really didn’t find it all that great. It’s just a fictional story to me, and not a very good one at that. And that story in the book of Daniel still doesn’t seem at all relevant to anything going on in with Murphy in this book.

  4. The ending of the story of Daniel in the lion’s den always bothered me, for that reason and the fact that I wasn’t comfortable with the king mandating worship of anyone, even if it was the “right” God.

    My family, though religious, has always been for separation of church and state.

    Mind you they kinda left out the part where innocent people died when they told this story in Sabbath school. They would tell us kids that the evil people trying to kill Daniel were eaten, but they left out the part about their families dying too.

    When I started reading the Bible for myself, I really found myself disliking God quite a bit.

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