TEC: Chapter 57: Kind of Barren

This is a little nonsense chapter that gets us the rest of the way to the dig site.  Murphy and Bingster and Jassim and Captain Davis and Isis (a bit) discuss Babylon, telling us (and each other) nothing we (and they) didn’t know before.

But yanno, we couldn’t have just have the next scene be at the dig site!  Otherwise how would we know they got there???

“It’s kind of barren out here,” Bingman said as they drove farther out of Baghdad.

Yeah, like this book.  ZING!

“I have heard there might be a possibility of the United Nations moving here.” [said Drake]

Wow, really?  You don’t say!  Hadn’t heard!

“I was just wondering if [Colonel Davis] received my message about borrowing the sonar sled.  We used it when we were here last time to find the hollow opening into the chamber where the golden head was found.” [said Murphy]

And YES, geez, we remember!

“I believe he did, sir.  I know that I saw our men checking it out before I went to Baghdad to pick you up.”

“That’s good news, Captain.  That will save us a lot of unnecessary digging.”

“That’s right, Captain, I didn’t ditch my unnecessary work teaching to come here and do  and unnecessary archaeology work DIGGING or anything!”

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  1. Yeah, this chapter sounds like pointless padding to make the book longer. I get the feeling LaHaye told Phillips that each book had to be at least a certain number of pages long or something.

    • Much as I love to talk trash about L&J, it is usual for a book contract to specify a word count.

      • But filling that quota by just having the characters jammer on about nothing for a bit isn’t an admirable solution.

        Though I don’t mind little references to previous books like that sonar sleigh. It’s nice that they try to hold to some continuity. RTC fiction is generally bad at that. See Left Behind’s highly localised WW3, and Apocalypse 3 if I ever get around to that.

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