TEC: Chapter 61: Nothing Compared to the Glory

Back at the Marine base, Murphy learns that the earthquake was a 9.5 on the Richter scale, with an aftershock of 8.2.  Which Murphy immediately declares is “as big as the great quake in Chile,” though this is only maybe true.  But hey, Murphy really likes to use the Wikipedia of his mind and, more importantly, rank stuff.

Astonishingly, Murphy volunteers his (and, by implication, Isis’s and Bingby’s) services (Jassim is injured, remember) for earthquake relief.  And, after a long day of helping people who were completely devastated by this quake, Isis breaks down and cries in Murphy’s arms.  Being a frail female, this is only natural.  Murphy and Bingbing have no such reaction.

In fact, Murphy tells her to suck it up.  Biblically, speaking, of course:

“In times like these there are no easy answers.  A passage in Romans, Chapter Eight, talks a little a out this.”  He reached for the pocket-size New Testament he carried.  “Let me read you what it says.”

He recites this to her.  Because there’s nothing that cures the tears of a distraught lady-person like telling her that “what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory He will give us later.”  Especially when the lady-person is not someone who will experience that glory, nor are the people she spent all day helping.


Hilariously, we don’t even get to see Isis’s reaction to this incredibly condescending and insensitive display, because Murphy gets a call from Levi (speaking of people who won’t see Murphy’s glory).  Levi reveals that the GW Bridge terror team had been recruited from Hamas.  Meaning Talon recruited form Hamas, which is just making this all even more implausible.  Levi invites Murphy to Et Taiyiba, where some of the terrorists were traced to, since Murph has “quite a bit of information on this Talon fellow.”  More than the Mossad and the FBI put together?  That’s just sad.  Especially since this information can be summed up in one sentence: Talon is a male from South Africa with a razor finger and an interest in falconry.  There, done.

Murphy, of course, immediately says yes, because Bingbert needs to get back to his family (he has, after all, been gone for two whole days), Jassim needs to go home to Egypt to heal his broken leg, and Isis…”well, Isis is worn down.”  Being a lady-person and all.  No stamina, those wimmins.

At the airport (which, since everyone can immediately leave on three different flights, seems surprisingly unaffected by the 9.5 earthquake), Isis expresses concern for Murphy going to Israel.  Frankly, I’m surprised he even told her that much.

So he kisses her.


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  1. Of course manly Murphy only gets the biggest natural obstacles to overcome, but seriously? A 9.5 earthquake, and there’s only some slight damage to their cave system? Unless the epicentre was in Pakistan, I call BS.

    • With you there, Ivan. Also, three person-days is a tiny little drop in the bucket of what needs to be done.

      Let’s see. Tunisia and Qatar/UAE are probably flooded by tidal waves. Turkey, Iran, Syria, Palestine and Saudi have all suffered major damage (also Israel, unless LB!God is involved). There will be oil well fires everywhere.

      But sure, let’s hope on a plane from one part of this massive disaster zone to another.

  2. InquisitiveRaven

    The first image link in this post appears to broken. All I’m seeing is “url.jpg”

  3. Talon is an assassin who specializes in murdering innocent bystanders, in case Levi wants to get some criminal psychologists on the case.

  4. I’m surprised Murphy decided to help people after an earthquake. Helping random strangers doesn’t seem like something he would do.

    • Maybe LaHaye read some of the criticisms of Rayford’s casual stroll past the wreck-torn tarmac of Ohara and told his new monkey with a typewriter to fix that problem with the new Self-Insert protagonist.

  5. Wait… Biblical archaeologist Murphy has memorised wikipedia but not the new testament?

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