TEC: Chapter 62: The Death of Bingham

Oh, yeah, wait’ll you see this, guys.

But first, a quick note on Wintermas: due to being so close to the end of The Europa Conspiracy, I’m going to push through the last few chapters, before beginning my usual Wintermas romance, hopefully on December 1st.

Can’t wait.  You shall see a common theme emerging.

Still, as you can see, I am gearing up, remembering Wintermas Past by actually organizing past Wintermas viewings.

So, Murphy flies to Israel.  Despite the “devastation” of the earthquake (and no, we don’t know yet where the epicenter was), Murphy has no trouble getting his rental car and traveling off on “the coastal highway north out of Tel Aviv.”  He touches base with Levi, who suggests they have dinner in Nazareth.  Considering what happened the last time Murphy went out to dinner in an unfamiliar city, he is surprisingly unconcerned about this.

Meanwhile, Talon trains some falcons.

Cut to Murphy and Levi at the restaurant:

“It’s been a rough few days,” Murphy said.  “I still haven’t gotten over the loss of Bingman—he was a really nice man.”



Did Phillips seriously just forget that he let Bingbert miraculously escape???

“His death brought to mind Laura’s death and the church bombing, and all the people who died while we were looking for the ark.  It’s hard to lose friends.”

Yep.  Yep, he did.

And by the way, I get that Murphy has that traumatic past and all, but can’t he be upset about Bingman’s not-death just because of that, not because it brings up memories of other peoples’ deaths?

Oh, and it doesn’t stop there:

“It’s also discouraging to have the ark covered with an avalanche and an earthquake buying the Handwriting on the Wall and all of the treasures of Belshazzar’s temple.”

Plus, yanno, a man died, leaving behind a wife and three kids.  There’s that.

Also, come to think of it, it’s kinda silly for the story for Bingman to survive, at least with the camera.  Sorta takes the zing out of the whole an-earthquake-buried-the-evidence problem.  Because Bingman rescued the camera and survived, so now they have some evidence.  Not absolute proof, mind you, but more evidence than they have for the ark.

But now Bington mysteriously didn’t make it, so we’re okay again, I guess.

Levi certainly seems to think so:

“But, Michael, you are alive, and Isis is alive,” Abrams said encouragingly.  “The living must go on.”

Yeah, it’s been 24 whole hours, man!  Suck it up!

(Oh, and Jassim survived too.  But who cares about him, right?)

And we need a quick reminder that Levi is still hellhound:

“I wish I could be a man of faith like you.  I’m just not there yet.” [said Levi]

“Yeah, I’m no man of faith.  Just a dumb ole Jew.”

“Well, keep an open mind, Levi.  If you seek to find truth, it will end up finding you.  God has a way of pursuing like a hound dog.  He’s even been called the Hound of Heaven.  I think He may be on your trail.”

“I hope so, Michael.  I hope so.”

“Yeah, sure hope I don’t go to hell because of my silly Jewish beliefs.  If only Jesus could magic the real religion into my heart.”

“I hope he does, Levi.  If you were to die without converting, I would feel really bad for a day or so, imagining your eternal torment.  Then again, the living must go on, right?”

Death and religion out of the way, the men move on to discussing Talon.  Levi believes he may be in Israel right now, which…why?

Oh well, the plan is to “take them” (Talon’s personal terror cell) “the next time they get together,” which makes it sound like the terrorists meet to go wine tasting or something.  Murphy wants to be part of the operation, and Levi is all for that, because then Murphy “can make the ID,” except Levi just said they already have two Mossad agents monitoring the cell anyway, so again the question is…why?

“We have a score to settle.  He’s the one who killed Laura and tried to kill Isis and many others.” [said Murphy]

Well, yeah, and he succeeded in killing many others, including Shari’s brother and Shane’s son.  So how come Murphy gets first dibs?  How about giving Alvena Smidt’s family a shot?

Oh, and one more new character (since Phillips may or may not have killed off Bingby): Dr. Brian Lehman, an earthquake expert, is around, and a Mossad agent saw Talon (but we can’t identify him!) watching the guy.  So Murph and Levi are going to meet Earthquake Guy.


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  1. Pshh, if the car dealer in Left Behind can manage to return a rental car to a recently atomized airport, getting one after an earthquake should be easy peasy.

  2. Sometimes a writer drops continuity so hard that the shockwaves throw one out of any remaining suspension of disbelief.

    This is one of those times for me.

  3. Did Phillips seriously just forget that he let Bingbert miraculously escape???

    Silly Ruby, of course not. This is obviously a Freudian slip on Murphy’s part: the only question is why he murdered Bingbong on the way back. I’m tempted to assume that he’s trying to cover up the fact that they didn’t actually find anything (Isis is obviously in on the plot, but I’m seriously worried about Jassim… especially in light of the fact that Levi didn’t include him in the list of survivors).

    • Obviously Murphy consulted a few Google searches his encyclopedic memory and realized there was more money in claiming to have found an ancient site of religious significance and then having “lost” all evidence in disaster or to conspiracy. Then you get on the wingnut welfare train in the US instead of having a real find and only getting a few papers and maybe a dull book out of it. So he had to kill the man who actually knew the evidence survived and thus would have ruined the thrill of the discovery by making it boringly real.

  4. These books are bad, but I didn’t expect Phillips to completely forget that Bingman survived. That’s a pretty bad continuity error there.

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