TEC: Chapter 63: Israeli Oil

So Murphy and Levi head out to an oil field to meet with Dr. Lehman, who is important because…Talon might have seen him at some point.

Lehman and Murphy blather on about oil for almost three pages, but the upshot is that the earthquake, which was so massive that it disrupted exactly nobody’s travel plans, nonetheless caused oil from Iraq to seep away into Israeli land.

Levi advises Lehman to keep this info to himself for the time being, since it could “lay the groundwork for war.”  Lehman assures Levi that the only people he told were the Mossad agent, and that nice South African gentleman who just happened to be passing by.


Levi hangs around and lectures Lehman for awhile about war and other fun things, then he and Murphy both peace out.

They don’t however, think to actually warn Lehman about the dangers of said South African fellow, so that when he shows back up (at the Israeli oil site in the middle of nowhere, remember), Lehman greets Talon like an old friend.

Talon breaks Lehman’s neck.  (Gorammit, Talon, what kind of serial killer with a trademark kill are you?  No talon finger and no falcons?)

But no, Talon saves the falcon kill for one of the workers.  The other worker (and only other person there) actually manages to take down both falcons himself before Talon shoots him.

Damn, son, why isn’t this guy our hero?

His name was Zahid.  And he did more than Murphy ever has—brought down Talon’s falcons.



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  1. So Talon got this vital information, wandered away just long enough for Murphy to also get the information, then came back and killed Lehman. I think Talon’s primary skill is reading the script.

  2. Can earthquakes actually cause oil to seep hundreds of miles like in this book? I tried googling it, but found nothing on the subject.

    • There’s certainly enough energy, but I think it’s much more likely to be released as heat than as convenient fracturing and pressure. So the crude is boiled away and nobody gets it.

      Except of course that Goddidit.

    • Probably not. The oil would have to have somewhere to seep to; you don’t find oil in granite or basalt, for example. If Israel had geology suitable for holding oil, it would already have oil deposits.
      I suppose that God could have arranged for vast empty underground chambers to appear where the oil could run into. But then, since He’s all-seeing and everything, couldn’t he have arranged for the oil to be underneath His favoured land in the first place?

    • It sounds like complete and utter bullshit to me. Yes, there’s energy in an earthquake, but that’s going kind of all the way around. It might get the oil to move a little, but for it to seep straight through Jordan all the way down to Israel is crap.

      Unless, of course, Goddidit, because LaHaye wasn’t satisfied with his Israeli prosperity-through-argiculture plot from Left Behind.

      • (Which, if we’re keeping track, means god killed thousands with an earthquake, so that Israel gets some natural resources that’ll result in a war of envy which god’ll put a stop to with another miracle. So god is lethally meddling to make Gog and Magog attack Israel, whereupon he’ll smite them for doing what he manipulated them into doing. Isn’t god just the most loving being you ever heard of?)

  3. This really has been the Seven’s, and especially Talon’s, MO from the start. Everyone has to be murdered right after they’ve told Murphy everything they knew, but never before. Even when he slashed Laura’s throat, she still managed to stagger all the way to the police station to alert Murphy before dying.

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