TEC: Chapter 65: Thorns in Our Flesh

It wouldn’t be the end of a Babylon book without a smug-in with the Seven!

Because they’ll stop at nothing!

They’ve met up this time in Monaco, just in time for the Grand Prix.  Phillips’ Wikipedia skills have served him well this time, since this is appropriate, timing-wise: the Grand Prix is held at the end of May.

One odd thing I noticed, and I’ll see if this is a recurring thing when we get to Book 4: the men of the Seven address each other formally (Señor Mendez, General Li) but address the women by their first names (Jakoba and Viorica).  Though, of course, Isis tends to be Isis to most people, while Michael is Dr. Murphy.  I should start a count so we can have a drinking game.

The Seven are disappointed that the Bridge wasn’t blown up, but pleased enough at the resulting panic and decision to get the U.N. to Babylon.

Then they start doing what they always do, brag about random events happening around the world.  Jakoba is proud that “we have even convinced the Arabs to raise oil prices.”  That took convincing, did it?

They go on to talk about Swiss bank accounts and making direct threats upon the lives of bankers’ families, which sounds rather more mob-like than like mysterious puppet masters who conduct everything in secret.

But they seemed pleased enough.  In fact, Bartholomew claims that “Soon we’ll be in control of everything that is happening in the world,” which seems ambitious even for the Seven.

Talk turns to Murphy, as it always does for everyone that is living in the world, and even Levi is name-checked as a fellow “thorn in our flesh,” which is actually a pretty witty Bible reference.

(Isis, of course, is not a thorn in the flesh, what with being A Girl and all.)

The Seven note that even with Talon “working diligently,” they have not yet been able to achieve their goal of eliminating Murphy, despite their near-completion of controlling everything that is happening in the world.  Man, if only it was easier to kill a college professor who lives alone in a normal house with no security, who takes the same routes to work and church every day and every week, and who employs no measures of self-protection whatsoever.  It’s a challenge, for sure.

They also mention the need to eliminate Methuselah, and we learn that the Seven killed Meth’s whole family.  Now Meth, at least, I could see as a challenge for the Seven, since he is “wealthy and powerful.”  Two things that Murphy is not, I hasten to remind everyone.  Hell, Meth can presumably afford as entire security force, while Murphy’s big outing each month is the local diner.  Just sayin’, it really shouldn’t be so hard to kill this guy.

Then the Seven confirm the worst fever dreams of LaHaye and his ilk: that “the 1960s were successful in convincing everyone that God was dead” and that in the 70s, “the concept of the occult began to grow aided by all the Saturday cartoon shows about demons, witches, ghosts, wizards, and supernatural heroes.”

Um…do they mean Scooby-Doo?  Granted, I was a kid in the 80s, not the 70s, but I honestly can’t think of any other occult-related cartoons.  (And hell, the villains in Scooby were never really witches or ghosts, but just Old Man Whithers in disguise!)

(Now, granted, the 70s saw a great many occult-related movies for grownups, like The Exorcist and The Witching and Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen and, of course, The Touch of Satan.)

But that’s not what the Seven said—they said cartoons.  Any ideas, anyone?

Honestly, I’m surprised the Seven didn’t pull a Jack Chick and bring up Dark Dungeons Dungeons & Dragons.

As their final piece of evidence that “Europa is rising,” they do another callback to the most evil thing in the whole entire world:



“We need to continue to promote tolerance and more laws about hate speech.”

Yep, because we all know that inclusivity and decency towards others will lead to only one thing: the AntiChrist.

And on that note, on to Wintermas!


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  1. “the 1960s were successful in convincing everyone that was dead”

    Bad typo there. Guessing the missing word is “God.”

  2. Due to the bomb scare, the UN decided to relocate to Iraq, where such things just don’t happen.

  3. Wait, is Talon supposed to be trying to kill Murphy? The Seven really should demand a refund.

  4. I’m going to assume by “70s occult cartoon show” the authors mean that one Star Trek episode where Kirk saves Satan’s bacon.

    Or maybe they just really hate the Groovie Goolies.

  5. Clearly the authors never watched any Scooby-Doo if they think it was about ghosts and witches and other supernatural stuff. And I’m pretty sure most people weren’t convinced that “god is dead” in the 60s, since atheists are still a minority almost everywhere in the world.

  6. You guys have seen the Dark Dungeons film, right? It’s truly superb, made by a bunch of people who had to convince the rights owners that they were going to stick with the source material – and they do – but there’s superb subtlety in there. It’s all on youtube; first part is at https://youtube.com/watch?v=LADLv1803Vw . And it includes the plottings of an Occult Cabal too.

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