Next Book: A Poll

This will be a quickie poll: just two options!  (I only have Christmas romances, so I might do a Christmas-in-July bit.)

But for now:

Edge of Darkness, by Tim LaHaye and Bob Phillips, the fourth and final part of the Michael Murphy saga.



I, Saul, by Jerry Jenkins with help from James MacDonald

(If you ever listen to Christian radio, you’ve probably heard MacDonald and his super-catchy theme song…WALK WALK IN THE WORK WALK IN THE WORD WALK WALK IN THE WORD THIS IS THE WAAAAAYYYYYY!!!)


Since we only have two options, just leave a comment with your vote!



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  1. I vote Edge of Darkness. Let’s finish this series ASAP.

  2. I’d like to see Michael Murphy finally get the comeuppance he deserves.

    (Oh, wait. That’s not how that series is gonna end, is it.)

  3. Edge of Darkness

  4. Both are probably equally terrible, but I vote for Edge of Darkness because I want to see how this stupid Michael Murphy series ends.

  5. InquisitiveRaven

    Yeah, let’s get the Michael Murphy stuff over with.

  6. Mighty Murphing Professor Ranger please!

  7. Ninething the Edge of Darkness suggestion.

  8. That Other Jean

    Edge of Darkness, although I’m sure it doesn’t end the way I want it to.

  9. InquisitiveRaven

    BTW, not related to the current poll, but look what’s available free from Amazon today. Dunno if it’d be worth dissecting, but it costs no money to find out.

  10. Edge of Darkness (if for no other reason than to finally end the agony that is Manly Man Murphy.)

  11. I vote Edge of Darkness too.

  12. Let’s get Mr. Not-An-Ivory-Tower-Academic over and done with.

  13. Another vote for Edge of Darkness!

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