TEoD: Chapter 11: Back with Shane…Again

It’s kind of funny to recycle titles like Back with Shane…but almost sad in a way, since this is the last time we’ll be Back with Shane, since this is the last book.

And DAMN but Phillips is lazy.  After being re-introduced to Shane’s driver, Eugene, Phillips just gives us a flashback to Shane learning that Stephanie has been killed.

So he knows The Seven (They’ll Stop at Nothing!) are the ones who had Stephanie killed, and that they had Talon do it, but he also kinda knows he can’t do anything about it, so once again, he bitches in his head about the tongue-free driver and the spookiness of The Seven’s castle in Switzerland.

This would be the perfect place to film a horror movie.  [Shane thinks]

Wow, you’re deep, Shane.

The Seven have dragged Shane all the way to Switzerland to give him a press release to…release.  It’s about the World Unity Summit, a “historic conference” hosted by one “Dr. Constantine De La Rosa, founder of the Religious Harmony Institute based in Rome, Italy.

Naturally, we must now begin guessing whether Constantine is Nicolae Carpathia (probably the most likely choice), Leon Fortunato, or even Peter Mathews.

This will hinge, of course, on how much Constantine looks like a young Robert Redford.

Anyway, this whole World Unity Summit is full of all sorts of things that would make RTCs like Michael Murphy and Rayford Steele cringe and cry, like “unity in the midst of diversity,” “peace and security for all peoples,” “striving to heal the earth environmentally,” and “discouraging of groups who stress discrimination with regard to sexual preference, race, or age.”

Now don’t get me wrong.  Some of the ideas expressed in this little press release are so vague as to be meaningless.  Still, though, I’m looking forward to Michael Murphy crying in a corner about environmentalism and lack of discrimination.

Anyway, Shane kinda sneers at the whole idea, and The Seven tell him that either he uses Barrington News Network and all its outlets to promote this thing, or he dies.

And, as usual…that’s it.  They once again made Shane fly all the way to Switzerland for a conversation that would take ten minutes.  I get that they want to show their power and money and make Shane hop to, but it still seems like a waste of their time.



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  1. This would be the perfect place to film a horror movie. [Shane thinks]

    That feeling when your own characters can’t help but comment on how thickly you’re laying on the clichés.

  2. Y’know, you really don’t need death threats to get some coverage for your little conference. A few bribes ought to do.

  3. It doesn’t even take bribes… they could just pay for advertising!

    I guess an organisation that uses discount assassins doesn’t have money for that.

  4. Sounds like the plot in this series is once again going off track. I wonder if this World Unity Summit will have anything to do with what Murphy was doing with bible artifacts or whatever, or if it’ll be like the nonsense with the Arabs in the previous book.

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