TEoD: Chapter 12: Recap Steakhouse

As you might remember, Levi Abrams got back in touch with Murphy after being shot and subsequently disappearing.  So now Murphy is meeting Levi for the first time in months at the “Out West Steak House“…


Seriously, Phillips.  SERIOUSLY???

Dude, you are not even trying anymore.  If you ever did.

So Murphy meets Levi at the Outback Steakhouse Out West Steak House, and despite the huge lawsuit that must no doubt be ripping the place apart, they sit down to a peaceful dinner of discussing terrorists and shootings.

Since Levi can’t remember anything about the encounter from the end of The Europa Conspiracy, Phillips gets a chance to recount the entire thing.

The only thing Levi really knows is that Murphy saved his life.

“You know what that means?  According to Asian tradition, you now become my servant for the rest of your life.”

Asian tradition?  SERIOUSLY, NOW?

I think Phillips is confusing “Asian tradition” with the Wookie life debt.

Anyway, the only new stuff we learn is that Murphy successfully crawled out of whatever with Levi, and found firefighters who in turn called an ambulance and got the two idiots to a hospital.  There, Murphy was taken off and questioned by the Mossad, and by the time he got back to Levi, he was gone.

Which, to be perfectly fair, does absolve Murphy from failing to find and get in touch with Levi until now.  Though, to be perfectly fair, the way Phillips wrote it did make it seem like Murphy had just blown him off.

So Levi was carted off to “a special hospital that very few people in Israel know about.”  It was so special, in fact, that he couldn’t communicate with anyone while he was there.  Sometimes I think Phillips forgets that Greg Dinallo told us that Levi had a wife and kid in Babylon Rising, because there is no mention of them here, nor mention from Murphy about getting in touch with them to find out about Levi and/or tell them what he knew.  Anyway, we actually get some information on timeline stuff here: after Levi “recovered” in the “special hospital,” he was sent to a safe house in South America, “where I remained out of circulation for about sixty days until things quieted down.”  And he is just now back.

So it’s been well over two months since the events in The Europa Conspiracy, which means it has been that long since Murphy has seen or spoken to Isis, the woman he professes to love.  Nice guy.

And just as with Isis, Murphy can barely recount to Levi the events that Levi can’t remember before he gets to the important stuff: what Murphy wants.

And what Murphy wants is for Levi to check that fingerprint of Meth’s for him, since the FBI came up empty.  Which, of course, he agrees to do, since the Mossad has “access to lots of fingerprints.”  And because nobody can say “no” to Michael Murphy.

Especially when they owe him their Wookie life debt.



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  1. I get that Levi’s supposed to be a spy with the Mossad or whatever, but it still doesn’t make sense why he’d need to go to this “special hospital” and then spend a couple months at a safehouse. The Arabs in the previous book didn’t seem to know who he was, and they’re all captured or dead anyway. The Seven don’t seem to know or care who he is either. He could easily have just made up a believable mundane explanation for his injuries too just in case. There’s really no reason why Levi had to go into hiding for a bit after the events of the previous book.

    • Yeah, I can’t figure it out either. The only reason I can think of was that the Israeli government wanted to keep quiet how their agents got shot so easily and were upstaged by a college professor that they’d let tag along.

    • To be fair, it’s not terribly unusual, at least in fiction, for a spy or other covert agent to go cool their heels in isolation for a while after a job. A thorough debriefing, rest after a stressful situation, making sure nobody turned them or is actually after them, that kind of thing. Just because you think nobody found you out, doesn’t mean you’re actually in the clear. These kinds of concerns could also merit a specially secretive hospital, too – public hospitals would be insecure and going to a military hospital could give the game away about him.

      He’s still a freaking idiot for blabbing about it.

  2. InquisitiveRaven

    You know what that means? According to Asian tradition, you now become my servant for the rest of your life.”

    That’s getting into “Africa is a country” territory. Does Phillips have any idea how many cultures and ethnicities there are in Asia? Including, oh, Afghanistan and the Indian subcontinent? No. Well, honestly, neither do I, but at least I’m aware that there’s a heck of a lot of them, and they don’t always have much in common with each other. Phillips doesn’t seem to realize that.

    • This is what you get with Biblical archeologists. All they care to remember about other cultures is that the aren’t believers of the One True God, nor Jews.

  3. I know it’s a petty little thing to be bothered by but yeah the name of that place is just so goddamn lazy. At least call it the “Old West” or “Wild West” Steakhouse if you’re going to try to reference, y’know, the American West with it. Of course Phillips so aggressively dumbs down a whole continent of cultures into “Asian tradition” when he can’t even get basic US idioms right. I don’t think Phillips has ever actually learned about anything beyond the borders of his own front yard.

  4. “a special hospital that very few people in Israel know about.”

    Do they at least know that there’s a hospital that they don’t know about, or is Levi blabbing state secrets to an unsecured American schoolteacher who’s in the sights of an international evil conspiracy?

    • Blabbing state secrets in a chain restaurant that probably has a lot of customers, meaning you have to speak up to be heard by the person across from you, but also by everyone at the surrounding tables.

      Seriously, writers. Sound carries and people don’t selectively un-hear conversations not directly meant for them.

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