TEoD: Chapter 13: Talon? Who’s That?

Phillips takes over four and a half pages to tell us a little story about Talon breaking into the Parchments of Freedom Foundation, killing three guards, and stealing the tail end of the bronze serpent that Murphy and Isis found.  They are four and a half incredibly boring pages that don’t tell us anything we don’t already know.  We don’t even get a real character glimpse of the doomed guards, especially since they never even see Talon or his falcons coming.

Anyway, Isis calls Murphy the next morning, and tells him what happened.

“One [guard] was killed in the parking lot.  It was terrible.  His throat and neck had been ripped to pieces.  The coroner said it looked like some animal had done it.  He even found some feathers around the body.”



“It sounds like the work of Talon.  He uses his pet falcons to do his dirty work for him.  That’s where he got his name.”

“Yes, dear, and you might remember him from those three times he tried to kill you and  that other time he ambushed us on that boat and I used you as bait.”

But Isis is not a multi-degreed polyglot who once single-handedly rescued a little girl from a gang of kidnappers in a sewer…she is just A Girl, so it makes sense that Murphy would have to explain to her, in BOOK FOUR, who the primary villain is.

Murphy’s heart hurt to think that Talon could kill Isis like he did Laura.  He knew that would be unbearable.

Yeah, probably to Isis, too.  Since she would be the one who was murdered.

Which brings up a point I have made multiple times in the past: Murphy and Isis are people who it would probably be easy for a mass murderer to kill if he wanted to.  Murphy, especially, isn’t at a job that features security guards in the same building as him all the time, so I might be tempted, were I them, to conclude that if I am still alive, it is because Talon wants it that way.

But Murphy, protective pretend-boyfriend that he is, sagely urges Isis to not “take any chances.”  Gee, thanks, Murph, wouldn’t have thought of that without you!

(Okay, in all fairness, he also tells her not to go out alone, to carry her phone all the time, and to invest in a weapon.  Though in all all fairness, if I was Isis and had been almost killed thrice by a serial killer, I would probably have done all these things long ago.)

And this silly little chapter concludes with the information that Murphy is now feeling “uneasy.”  Because his feelings about Isis being possibly in danger are far more important than Isis’s feelings about possibly being in danger.


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  1. Clearly, the only reason Murphy is still alive is because Talon likes his cute butt.

  2. I think a story about Talon’s background, how he learned to train falcons, and why he hasn’t killed Murphy yet would be far more enjoyable than this series.

  3. Wait, they’re retconning Talon of all people? Remember, he’s got the name because of his sharpened prosthetic finger that he used to kill that window washer (Talon’s code of honor seems to prevent him from re-using any murder weapons).

    • InquisitiveRaven

      Actually, AFAICT, while Talon did use that prosthetic finger in book one, it’s never given as the reason for his name. In fact, how he got the name doesn’t seem to have been mentioned in that book.

      That said, it wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Phillips and LaHaye had completely forgotten about that incident, and that’s assuming Phillips was even aware of it (given that he didn’t write the first book).

      • that’s assuming Phillips was even aware of it (given that he didn’t write the first book

        Or (presumably) read the first book either.

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