TEoD: Chapter 14: Scrooge McArk

So this flashback chapter is a bit odd—it doesn’t have anything to do with our old pal, Daniel, and instead recounts the events in the lesser-known (to me, anyway) book of I Samuel.  If you’d like to know what it’s all about, you can check out I Samuel 4, but it’s about the Israelites and Philistines going to war near the town of Ebenezer…


…and the Philistines trucking the Ark of the Covenant hither and yon to bring them luck.  Now, I’m not saying that every story has to be as recognizable as Noah’s Ark or Daniel in the lions’ den or even the Handwriting on the Wall, but honestly…does anyone, even the most loyal of RTC readers, care about this story.  I listen to Christian radio a fair amount, and I have never heard mention of this stuff.

But in the hands of a master storyteller like Phillips, I’m sure it will all become clear.


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  1. Come on what’s not to love about a story that ends in golden mice and hemorrhoids.

  2. These flashback chapters seem really irrelevant to the plot of this book. Not that there’s much of a plot so far anyway, but even then they break up what little there is of the plot with Murphy.

  3. “the Philistines trucking the Ark of the Covenant hither and yon to bring them luck.”
    A few years ago, I read somewhere that there could have been a large number of “Arks of the Covenant” originally, because the wandering desert tribes of the ME kept their sacred ritual objects in a big solid box that they “trucked around” with them on the back of a camel. It would probably have been a big coup for a warring tribe to capture their enemy’s “Ark”; if so, there could have been lots of stories along the lines of “Touch our Ark and our God will strike you down!”
    I haven’t the time to chase up the reference right now, but I’ll try to look later.

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