TEoD: Chapter 20: Shiloh

So okay, I know I’m going through this book at the speed of mud, but in all fairness, the book is going even slower than that.  Plus, these from-the-Bible chapters are the slowest and most pointless yet.

Picking up where we left off, in the book of Samuel, this chapter covers only I Samuel 4-11.  Some guys go on a fetch quest to get the Ark and two priests to the battlefield.  This fetch quest turns out to have a complete no-prize, since the Israelites lose anyway, and the two priests are killed.  But I guess this is because the Israelites aren’t faithful enough, not because the Ark is, yanno, just a box that doesn’t magically grant armies the ability to automatically win all battles.


But don’t worry, college drama is coming right up—the reuniting of Shari and her horrible (atheist, but I repeat myself) ex-boyfriend, Paul!

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  1. Turning a Bible story into one of your chapters is just lazy writing. I’m sure the Brick Testament put way more effort into it than Phillips did.

    Is there any indication how this ties into the plot of the book Phillips is supposed to be writing?

    • If these Bible story chapters have any relevance to the plot of these books, I haven’t figured it out yet. They seem to be pointless padding to make the books longer to me.

  2. I really hope Paul doesn’t end up converting and/or getting back together with Shari later in this book. So far Paul has been one of the only worthwhile characters in this entire series.

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