TEoD: Chapter 29: Ichabod

It is still hard to believe how slowly we’re working through these Back-in-the-Bible chapters.  Chapter 20, the last one, covered the first part of 1 Samuel 4, and this chapter covers the second part of 1 Samuel 4, about the Philistines capturing the Ark, and two guys dying, and then some other guy goes back and finds out the one dead guy’s wife is in labor, and sensitively doesn’t wait until she’s done pushing the baby out to tell her that her husband’s dead.  So she dies, but not before naming her son Ichabod, because she was a big fan of Sleepy Hollow.

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  1. Ah, but was she a fan of the movie or the TV show? Or both?

  2. My favorite Ichabod Crane has long been the one from the old Disney cartoon.

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