TEoD: Chapter 39: They Rhyme

Time for another Back-in-the-Bible chapter.  Moving right along from Chapter 29, which was 1 Samuel 4, this is Chapter 39, and is 1 Samuel 5.

There’s nothing you get from this chapter of the book that you can’t get from reading the silly Bible chapter.  And I get bored of reciting these silly extraneous characters that Phillips creates to presumably humanize the Bible stories, when we know they’re all going to die horrible (but deserving, natch) deaths anyway.

So yeah, if you care at all at this point about these chapters, all it does is get the Ark out of Ashdod, while leaving the relevant artifacts there.  Yay.



Posted on March 31, 2018, in The Edge of Darkness. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. The Brick Testament version is probably less tedious to read, anyway.

  2. I’m not seeing how 1 Samuel 5 has anything to do with the stuff that’s happened in the previous chapters of this book. These back-in-the-Bible chapters are just pointless padding.

    • It’s genius. It pads the book, takes no effort, and if your readers complain you can accuse them of hating the Bible.

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