TEoD: Chapter 60: Four-Star Travel Mossad

I know, guys, I am super slow right now.  It’s the busiest time of the year for me at work, and I’m researching new cars, too.  But if there’s one thing I am determined to do, it is get in my usual BLACK FRIDAY CHRISTIAN ROMANCE BOOK, so I am gonna rip through the last few chapters of this mess of an Indiana Jones-Christian-lite book, then get to it!

So, in the continuing mission, not to capture Talon, but to smooth the way for Michael Murphy’s travels as much as humanly possible, another Mossad is pulled off his no-doubt very important duties to greet Murphy.  He’s even holding one of those airport name signs, like he’s Murphy’s chauffeur or something.

While Murphy was in the air, the Mossad figured out that Talon was traveling with a Swiss passport under the name of Emile Cornelle, but not in time to catch him.

Murphy was disappointed, but not surprised.  Talon was a slippery one.

But even through his disappointment, Murphy is still able to make request upon request of this guy:

“Did you get him?”

“Were you able to get any information about the ship lines?”

“Was Levi able to secure the use of a mini-submarine?”

“And what about metal detection?”

“How about bronze?”

So yes, the agent (Yosef Rozen, if you care) has answers for everything: a file of info on passenger ships like the one Murphy and Talon and Isis were on when the plates went into the deep, a small sub that Murphy gets to use for a week, no questions asked, with readers onboard for the bronze plates.

And all this happened, by the way, in just a few hours: the flight from Tel Aviv to Istanbul is quite short.

Oh, and Yosef got Murphy a hotel room.  And Yosef helpfully explains that it is near the Grand Bazaar in case Murphy feels like doing a little shopping.

So basically, the Mossad has turned into Murphy’s own little travel agency.  Lucky him.  As he wishes.

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  1. Why doesn’t the Mossad use these preparations for their own agents to go on a retaliatory strike against the guy who killed on of their agents on their soil? Murphy’s status as an archeologist is flimsy anyway, but he’s certainly no Hitman.

  2. Why are the Mossad helping Murphy when there’s clearly no benefit to them at all? Not only that but it seems like it hurts the Mossad to help him. They’ve lost one agent already, and surely they have better things to do than waste their time acting as his personal travel agency.

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