TEoD: Chapter 61: Heroic Taxi Drivers

Chapter 61, and Murphy actually spares a thought, for a grand total of about a minute, for Isis.

Murphy let out a long sigh.  He missed her.

Aw, poor baby.  Hey, YOU dumped HER, remember?

Since time is apparently not at all of the essence, Murphy takes a walk away from his hotel, down around the Bazaar.  Then he has a relaxing dinner and takes a taxi down to the pier to check out his very own minisub.

And since the world exists to smooth the way for everything Murphy does, the cab driver not only offers to wait, but, when Murphy refuses, advises the dumb American that this is not the place for Americans to wander around alone, and then gives Murphy his personal cell phone number so he can call him, anytime of day or night, for a ride.

Murphy wanders over to look at the subs, remembering with perfect clarity a magazine article he read, about this very type of mini submarine and how they can go 1,000 feet deep and sustain one man for 16 days with its life support.  I mean, you’d die of thirst first, but whatevs.

Bizarrely, Murphy chooses this exact moment to sit down on some nearby crates and have a nap of an hour and a half.  Seriously, he does this.

And he probably would have slept there all night like a bum, except that Talon and two henchmen show up.

I mean, is Talon ever NOT three steps ahead of Murphy?

They check out the subs but don’t seem to do anything to them, then head off to some dark warehouse (natch).  Murphy follows them, master of stealth.

And speaking of the bad guys always being way ahead of our Murph, they knew they were being followed the whole time, because before he knows it, he is “surrounded by warehouse walls on two sides and Arabs in front and back.  Talon had disappeared.”

Oh, and we’re back to this again.  MOAR ARABS are attacking Murphy!

So Murphy charges one of the Arabs, ducks his knife (of course), and smashes the poor Arab’s nose.

For a moment [the Arab] tottered and then toppled backward like a giant tree that had been chopped down.

And so, almost four entire books in, we actually have a bit of Indiana Jones-ish humor.  Big man fall down.

Before Murphy could shout “Timber!” the second Arab had closed the distance.

Yes, Murphy is just smug enough to yell “Timber!”, I think.  He seems to have immediately forgotten how easily he was ambushed….ten seconds ago.

So of course, being Murphy, he tackles the second Moar Arab to the ground and knocks him out.

Then he calls for his personal taxi.

Yep, a true Action Hero.

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  1. I assume the taxi driver has a car that can transform into a minisub, since we’ve plainly reached that level of storytelling.

  2. Don’t know why he misses Isis. It’s not like he spend time with her when he didn’t need to leech of her knowledge or resources, even before he cut her off.

    Unfortunately, the inclusion of a scene where he still pines for his supermodel Mk1 suggests that we’re going to see them… sigh… get back together. I’m taking bets on Summer, people. Murdered by Talon gets you 1-2 odds. Working for the Seven (TSAN!) all along is 1-3. Getting dumped in turn because Isis converted is 1-1,5. Getting dumped because Murphy decides he loves Isis more after all and was wrong to let his faith get in the way is 1-10000.

  3. So instead of using the mini sub right away to try to find an artifact or whatever, Murphy just takes a nap, in the open. After the cab driver warned him that this isn’t the place for Americans to wander alone. I’m surprised the Moar Arabs didn’t kidnap or kill Murphy while he was asleep. Also he just gave Talon an extra hour and a half to find the artifact before him.

  4. At least let them have sabotaged the minisub. But I bet they haven’t.

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