TEoD: Chapters 62 and 63: Moar Subs

So I made a mistake in the last installment: apparently the subs that Murphy saw were just some subs that the friendly Mossad agent mentioned that just happened to be at that dock. But they’re not the sub the Mossad actually procured for Murphy.  That sub is waiting for him in Varna.

Okay, so if it’s at Varna, and Varna is the best jumping-off point for this expedition, why did the Mossad put Murphy up in a hotel in Istanbul?  Why not just get him to Varna ASAP?  And why did Murphy waste his time with walks and naps when he could have been getting to Varna?

Another mystery for the ages.  But hey, if that had happened, Murphy wouldn’t have seen Talon, and gotten to beat the snot out of the Moar Arabs.

So, despite his fears that Talon will steal one of the subs he was clearly casing, Murphy just charters a short flight to Varna, and gets a crash course in mini-subs and metal detectors.

Then Murphy just sets out, all alone, with a few whole hours of training, and spends TEN HOURS (and five pages) searching the ocean for the backpack with the plates.  He sees some cool fish and some sunken ships and even some sharks, and I am making it more exciting in writing it than it is to read about it.  Oh, and he takes another nap, too.

And then he finds the backpack.  But gasp, choke, cliffhanger…Talon might be hanging around!

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  1. Because the Mossad’s bosses are aware that Murphy attracts terrorists like flypaper, so hanging him out in Istanbul will draw them out where Mossad can see them.

    Murphy actually needed some training? He didn’t simply work out how to drive a submarine with his big manly Christian genitalia? I’m disappointed now.

  2. So instead of going straight to the place where they had a mini sub ready for Murphy to use, the Mossad had him waste a bunch of time in Istanbul, and then waste even more time traveling to Varna as well. If Talon is even the slightest bit more competent than them, he’s probably taken one of the subs in Istanbul and has been looking for the artifact for several hours before Murphy even got to his sub to start looking for it.

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