So, um…hi again

Hey y’all. You might have noticed that once again, I’ve been on an unannounced leave of absence. That’s because, a few days after my latest post…I kinda wrecked my hand.

It’s better now, no worries, but lemme tell ya, speaking of The Love Dare, if you want to see how a marriage holds up, let one person be incapacitated, unable to type or wash a dish or dress herself.

I think my husband will win the Love Dare EASY.

Speaking of, I am all about keeping going with the Dare, but I am also cognizant of the fact that Wintermas is on its way, and far be it from me to forgo my tradition of starting my Wintermas romance on Black Friday.

So I’m hoping to get one or two more Dares out of the way before then, then it’s time for the kidnappings, misogyny, and dying towns that have become the staples of December ’round these parts.

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  1. Welcome back, Ruby! Glad your hand is doing better.

    • Huray, you’re back. I was worried we’d be breaking with tradition. But yes, let’s put the mess back in Wintermass (close enough).
      And my goal will be to have my review of Apocalypse 3 finished by the end of the year.

  2. Glad to hear you’re back and that your hand is better. I look forward to more posts, especially Wintermas which I usually enjoy.

  3. Still here, and I hope the hand continues to improve.

    Let’s put the INTER back in Wintermas!

  4. OMG that sounds unpleasant >_> Welcome back, though!

  5. Glad to hear you’re (mostly) OK and not, um, you know.

    Or abducted by aliens.

    Or out to walk the earth like Caine in Kung Fu…

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