Jingle Bell Romance: Chapter 10

After the blizzard, Julia is back at her store, very busy because it’s like a week (?) before Christmas, and Nick turns up with coffee and pastries and an apology.

In all fairness to Nick (I still hate him), it’s a pretty good apology. He literally uses the word “sorry” and then explains that he and Pastor Dad has a (really stupid and simplistic) breakthrough, and says that he appreciates her not “giving up on me.”

She reflects on her fondness for “this arrogant, aggravating man,” and I just gotta say, those are not two qualities I have ever found attractive.

He volunteers to help her with stocking since it’s so busy, and she tells him what to do, an he says…

“You got it, boss.” He made an odd face, and they both laughed. “That sounds weird. Usually, people say that to me.”

I hate him so much. This is, like, the seventeenth time he’s expressed this banal concept in this book.

Nick shamelessly flirts with her, and since apparently we need some more nonexistent conflict two chapters from the end of the book, Julia decides she can’t be with nick because he “had rejected his faith long ago.” And since she learned five minutes ago that his one problem has been fixed, it’s now time for her to fix the next thing about him: “Julia would help him all she could [to get back to being an RTC], but in the end it was up to him.”


Nick later goes to the cemetery to have A Moment at Ian’s grave. It’s not a Come To Jesus Moment, though, so no dice in the whole share-the-faith thing.


Still later, Julia is in her shop and reflects that Aaron Coleman’s PR campaign has been a huge success, and tons more people have donated to her giving tree. So, I guess I was totally wrong about it being a suspicious transaction, though Julia is still out the price of two fancy train sets.

She has to work late, so Nick comes to help, bringing a Christmas tree and takeout. Which is sweet and all, but then he has to go bragging that he drove fifty miles to get the tree, which he cut down himself. Nobody asked, Nick.

They stop and have dinner and Nick puts up the tree and also reveals tha5 he got mistletoe, so they kiss. Then Nick reveals that he went to Ian’s grave, and Julia pressures him into admitting that “it might have had something to do with God leading me in that direction,” and Julia is “ecstatic,” which seems an odd thing to feel when someone is talking about his dead sibling.

Heh, glad that last little bit of conflict was settled within the same chapter it was raised!

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  1. So Julia had no problem being with him even though he’s a jerk, but apparently because he’s not an RTC jerk she can’t be with him. Maybe she should find someone who’s not a jerk regardless of religious beliefs.

    • He’s got to have the right sort of brain slug. Otherwise there might be no brain slug eggs to pass on to their children, and that would be a terrible thing.

      “but then he has to go bragging that he drove fifty miles to get the tree, which he cut down himself”… “and that dude seemed really annoyed about it, you’d think he owned it or something, everybody knows trees are free to anyone with a chainsaw”.

  2. This writer probably thinks the three act structure is a weird way to refer to the Book of Acts chapter 3.

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