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TV Alert: Belle and the Beast

Want to see the de-Mormonized adventures of Eric and Belle?  Belle and the Beast is going to be on TBN on Friday!

TV Alert: Fireproof

For anyone who wants to see the full saga of Caleb and Catherine (and follow along with my critique and Inquisitive Raven’s insights into the realism of the firefighting), TBN will be showing Fireproof twice over the next eight days!

If nothing else, their description shows how different people can interpret a movie oh-so-very differently.  It calls both Caleb and Catherine “decent, caring,” and “disrespectful and selfish.”

Now, me, I would have called Catherine, but not Caleb, decent and caring.  And I would have called Caleb, but not Catherine, disrespectful and selfish.  But that’s just heathen me.


TV Alert: Left Behind III and Love’s Long Journey

For those of you who get TBN, tonight there will be not one, but two Christian movies!

Left Behind III is delightfully bad, though not something I’ll be reviewing, since that is clearly in Fred Clark’s territory.  😉

Love’s Long Journey is the sixth movie chronologically (though only third movie made—it’s like Star Wars!) in the Love Saga, which is based (very loosely) on Jeanette Oke’s series of books.

This is a series I have thought about reviewing–whaddaya think???

TV Alert: Apocalypse IV: Judgment


In light of Ivan’s awesome Guest Critique of Apocalypse: Caught in the Eye of the Storm, I have been inspired to make a new type of post, alerting you, my loyal readers and watchers and critiquers of bad Christian entertainment, to when you might be able to watch said bad Christian entertainment in the comfort of your own homes.

Because I just saw that the fourth movie in Cloud Ten’s epic Apocalypse series, Apocalypse IV: Judgment, will be shown on Daystar this very weekend!

So, if you enjoyed getting to know Helen Hannah, you can watch her continuing adventures.

And, as if you needed any more incentive than that, this movie features Mr. T!  (Insert your own “I pity the fool” joke here.)